Robin Milonakis is Rewriting the Playbook in Coastal and South Orange County Real Estate.

She Knows What it Takes to Create a Winning Game Plan!

If her beloved Ohio State Buckeyes are playing, it’s a safe bet that Robin Milonakis is glued in front of a television set or in the stands cheering louder than anyone. But it’s a reflection of her dynamic personality that she’s more than just an avid fan, she’s also a student of the game.

Robin at work & play.

An Intense Approach to Life

The casual observer might be surprised at how much Robin knows about sports, but those who really know her are not surprised at the intensity with which Robin approaches every waking moment of her life.

From the Gridiron to the Boardroom

Robin’s highly respected reputation as an Orange County businesswoman draws many parallels to the world of sports she enjoys so much. Walk into her state-of-the-art office any day of the week and you’ll see her high-fiving team members, mentoring fellow agents or giving a timely “coach’s” pep talk. She’s both a calming force and the spark plug that makes it all happen. She’s a game changer — that one player on the field who can carry the game on his or her back and affect the outcome of a game by sheer will and tenacity.

Back Story

Robin was born in Columbus, Ohio and is a graduate of Ohio State University. She left the only place she had ever known at age 24 with only $300 in her pocket and she headed to California. She hit the ground running and it’s truly amazing how she’s positively impacted the lives of so many people since. Robin is a highly successful businesswoman who isn’t interested in people saying something can’t be done — she’ll show you three different ways how to accomplish it.

To recharge her batteries, Robin enjoys walking her dogs on the beach, participating in an intense Pilates class, honing her writing skills, or spending time with good friends.

Making a Real Difference

Whether helping young women achieve their dreams of attending college through her volunteer work with Soroptimist, organizing a fund raiser to feed the hungry, or advising clients on their important investments, Robin is a “game changer” who strives to help others. When she rallies her team, there is no adversity that can’t be overcome. Everyone on her team has each other’s backs. The intensity level in her office could power small cities. But Robin also knows how to keep it fun and never underestimates the power of laughter. The more than 5,000 friends who avidly follow her on Facebook can attest to her sharp wit and infectious irreverence.

Game Changer

Perhaps where Robin has been the most consistent game changer is through her career as one of the leading real estate professionals in Coastal and South Orange County real estate.

Robin’s knowledge of all facets of Orange County real estate is without peer. Her playbook draws from her background in finance and home loans. And every day she expertly guides (and fires up) the stellar Robin Milonakis Group.

The Winning Team

If you are selling your home, ready to purchase a property, or looking to build on your investment portfolio in Coastal and South Orange County, there’s only one team you want on your sideline. You want Robin Milonakis—backed by The Robin Milonakis Group. Robin is Rewriting the Real Estate Playbook in Coastal and South County real estate.

Getting Started