Buying a Home can be a fun exhilarating experience that you will love, or it can be an overwhelming confusing and frustrating experience that you hate.

The choice is up to You!

The amazing thing is that most home buyers, decide to make it frustrating and challenging. This may surprise you, but it’s true. Most home buyers don’t intend to make the process difficult and frustrating, in fact most of them think that they are going to take charge of every aspect of the process. After all, they think everything I need to know is online. It’s fun to look at homes online, I can find my home online then get any real estate agent to show it to me and write up an offer. So, they look at homes on Zillow and Homeseekers or one of countless home listing websites they find online.

It does not take that long and they find the perfect house, the pictures and description online are perfect. So, they fill out the information online to have someone contact them, or they call an agent they know to show them the property. The agent tells them the home was sold 45 days ago. This happens several times. Finally, they find a home that has not sold, you call an agent and arrange to see it. It looks nothing like the pictures online. This happens several times, and the agent keeps calling you, asking you very personal questions about your needs and what you are looking for and they ask you to fill out a very detailed Home Buyers Questionnaire, but you want to protect your privacy, so you hold cards close to the vest, because sharing so much information is uncomfortable.

Finally, after spending a huge amount of time looking at homes online, you find one that looks close to the pictures and you decide to make an offer. You run a few online home estimates and you believe that you know what you believe is a fair price. So, you tell your agent what you want to offer. They tell you that is low, you are irritated because you feel the agent should be working to get the lowest price not to get you to pay more, after all you ran the online comps.

The seller rejects your offer and does not even make a counter. The agent tries to explain why the online numbers are not accurate, but you feel it’s just a sales pitch. So, you keep looking online you finally find another home and repeat the process with the same result. You think the agent I am working with is not helping so you talk to another agent.

A year has gone by you still have not found a house, pricing has gone up and you’re frustrated and ready to give up.

On the other hand, you could call Robin and her team at the Milonakis group, fill out her detailed Home Buyers, questionnaire, open and really share your wants and needs, have her team pair you with the lender that is right for you and go through all the detailed paper work of get pre-approved for a loan not just prequalified.

Then let one of Robin’s, Home Buyer Specialists show you a few homes that seem close to what you are looking for and have you fill out a detailed property evaluation form on each home. Armed with this information, Robin’s Buyer Specialist will sort through all the homes and spend the time to go and see them and only when they find a home that would work for you, they call you and show you a home. When home buyers go through the detailed process, Robin has developed 89% of them buy one of the first 3 homes they are shown. This is the most enjoyable way to find a home as it reduces your stress level. To start the process, you can call today and we will be happy to explain the process or if you are ready to get started, click here to order Robin’s Home Buyers Questionnaire.

Robin’s Home Buyers Questionnaire will make you think about things most home buyers don’t think of until after they move in and then wish they had. Robin’s Questionnaire will make you think and it is not always easy, but filling it out will help you find a home that you will love living in and help you make the best decision possible in buying a home.

Watch Robin’s Home Buyers Video “How To Avoid Paying Too Much”

How to Search for Homes Online

If you love to look at houses online, but don’t want to waste your time looking at homes that are already sold or being forced to share your contact information to see all the details, use Robin’s website to search. It only has all the active listings listed for sale in the MLS and instantly removes homes when they have sold. You can save listings, get automatic alerts on new listings etc. To understand how to get the most out of searching click here to watch a short video about Robins powerful web searching tools.