South Orange County Short Sale Information

If you are a distressed home seller in South Orange County, The Robin Milonakis Group can help.

You are a distressed homeowner it can seem like the whole world is against you. You are most likely feeling pressures, both financially and emotionally, and these certainly are weighing heavily on you.

Robin and her team understand. Robin has been serving the community for many years and she’s helped many homeowners through many real estate cycles, both good and bad. The key to success in either is having information — sound information so you can make the best decisions to protect your financial future.

The current market cycle has been extra heartbreaking for many homeowners. Unfortunately, Robin has seen many homeowners, good people, lose their house when they didn’t have to. They worked hard to own a piece of the American Dream. The sad truth is that many could have avoided foreclosure and all the pain that comes with that — if they only knew their options.

As a homeowner, you may have options that you aren’t aware of that can help you avoid foreclosure. Options, including conducting a short sale, might be available to you. A short sale is where you can work with the bank to arrange a sale (even though the property might sell for less than the its actual worth).

Robin and her team have seen too many homeowners lose out when they may have had options to avoid it. That’s why they are offering to you a no-obligation consultation to help you sort out your unique situation and help you

determine if you might qualify to sell your home as a short sale, thus avoiding the pain of foreclosure. Robin and her team can share their expertise and if it works out, they’d be happy to help you initiate that process. Again, no obligation whatsoever. They want to try and help, and if they can work with the bank to get the property listed, they would love the business.

Please call Robin today to arrange this no-obligation consultation, or fill out the form below. You should know your options! Robin and her team look forward to hearing from you.

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